1. Semi Precious Weapons - Never Going Home Tonight - Sayers Club

    Justin is mother fucking superb.

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  3. 4minutes:

    4/9/14 - Semi Precious Weapons | EDGE Live Lounge | Dallas, TX


  4. the-awkward-wallflower:

    Panic! at the Disco and Semi Precious Weapons concert!!!!!!!


  5. abbey-cameron:

    Best thing my eyes have ever seen.


  6. kwss-radio:

    Semi Precious - Aviation High


  7. I like the way you look in my sheets
    — Aviation High by Semi Precious Weapons (via adventuresofamoonchild)

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    We’re alive, alive We’re aviation high #semipreciousweapons #Gaga #GUY #avationhigh #NY


  9. m-artz:

    Available now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AviationEP


  10. ladygagadaily:

    Lady Gaga appears in a new video of the Semi Precious Weapons


  11. Semi Precious Weapons - Aviation High

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  12. takesabitmore:

    Love that I captured this last night. Gaga and Justin. Don’t change the source pleassse


  13. thegoddessherself:

    "Aviation High" - Semi Precious Weapons Live on A-Sides 2014

    This is soo beautiful and magical just take a moment to shut everything down and be in this performance


  14. thetreadmillismyprofessor:

    Semi Precious Weapons has been a group with a special place in my heart since I’ve been at Princeton. I have officially decided which song of their’s is my favorite: Aviation High. This video gives me life. The song gives me chills. It is everything to me.


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